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TinyDuino / BLE Board Upload Issue
« on: September 04, 2013, 10:20:25 PM »
I received my Bluetooth LE board a couple days ago and finally got a chance to test it out. The problem is that when I have it connected, I cannot successfully upload to the TinyDuino. I can upload the blink without the BLE board attached, then attach it after powering down, and it will work when it is powered on again. If I try to upload the sketch (or any other sketch) with the BLE board connected, it gives me the following error in the console:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

I noticed a similar issue on the TinyLily forum, but the only solution suggested was simply to upload without anything connected and then connect it afterwards. Is this really the only solution?

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