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I am unsure how to properly add support for this. if there is any other information I can provide to help, let me know.
The libraries are all here in from tinycircuits but the board support does not exist, however it does for the original TinyDuino.

I am using this board as a way to learn some lowerlevel c programming. But the arduino ide is horrible and would love for this to work here.

I get the issue where the variable &SPI1 is not defined at line 604 of TinyScreen.cpp.
If I remove the line however code compiles and uploads, and it is running according to the serial monitor output, however the screen does not function. I even got the 9-axis sensor working :D

I am using this as my platfomio.ini

platform = atmelsam
board = zeroUSB
framework = arduino
; change microcontroller
board_build.mcu = samd21g18a
lib_deps =
I would like to learn to do this myself aswell, once I learn I can add the rest of the boards as I have all of them in my collection.

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