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General Discussion / TinyScreen+ stuck in Bootloader Mode
« on: November 21, 2020, 01:07:06 PM »
Hi,  I'm new here ;)  Could anybody advise.  I would really appreciate it. 
I have a Tinyscreen+ which seems to be stuck in Bootloader Mode.  I have a few Tinyscreens+ and have recently been trying to establish IR communication between them so I may have damaged it but I'm not sure.  I have tried to  load an empty sketch to unlock it and sometimes it does seem to unstick itself but then it flicks back into Bootloader Mode as soon as I try to load anything that tries to bring it back to life.  It there anyway of resetting it?
Please excuse my ignorance. I am an engineer but have not programmed for a while now  :)

PS when trying to upload I get "Locked" appearing in the error report.

PROBLEM CLEARED 😄. I think it was a coms port issue. I am using a usb hub. Once I restarted everything and plugged direct to motherboard it cleared.

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