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I use the TinyDuino in combination with the DC motor shields to control 3.3V motors. This works fine but now I got the task to check if
- there is really a motor connected to the dual motor shield
- in case there is a motor, that it is really running and not broken

At the moment I only send input commands to the TinyDuino that are transferred to the dual motor board. I don't read anything.
I think to fully fulfill the task I need to measure if there is actually a current through the motor shield. I think I can use a 1 ohm resistor on a proto board and measure the voltage over it to see if there is really a current through the motor driver board (so motor is connected and it is not broken).

The problem is that I am quite new in the TinyDuino world and cannot find a documentation hot to read out a voltage signal from the proto board and how to include a resistor on the proto board into the voltage circuit between the motor board and the motor.
Therefore I appreciate any hints how to start or a link to documentation, a forum etc.

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