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I have tried on tinyscreen and tinyscreen+
Original hardware apparently can only be written once, so the sample code is on there forever and goodbye first $$.

Tinyscreen+, sure is cute.
"TinyScreen Video Player"
Did not change code. Tried last three versions of sdfat library.
'class SdFile' has no member named 'getFilename'

TinyScreen video menu:
Compiles, loads, says "CPU reset" and nothing happens at all.

I know someone is there, because you keep taking my money and sending me hardware. Is there new/working code?

The tinyscreen+ already had sample code loaded, so I guess it's possible to return the things, since somebody else obviously did. I'd really like to get it working though. Failing that, if no one is supporting the code, please remove the tutorial until you can make it so it works out of the box.

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