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TinyDuino Processors & TinyShields / Calibrating ASD2612 9 Axis IMU
« on: May 20, 2020, 11:46:44 AM »

I am trying to run some calibration routines on my ASD2612 9 axis IMU as I understand this needs to be done to get reliable results.  I have got the supplied Arduino code to work and display readings but when I compile/run the linux calibration routines (which are supplied as part of the RTIMULIB2 library, I cannot get them the recognise the IMU. 

The program I am running is RTIMULibCal which generates a .ini file on first  run.   The messages I get on first run are as follows

Settings file not found.  Using defaults and creating settings file.
Failed to open I2C bus 1
Failed to open SPI bus 0, select 0
Failed to open SPI bus 0, select 1
No IMU detected
Using fusion algorithm RTQF
No IMU found

If I then change the IMUType within the Settings file to IMUType=2 (Invensense MPU9150)  it seem to jump into the program but with a message saying 'Failed to open I2C bus 1'.  If I then select one of the option to calibrate I get the follow message repeated over and over :

'Failed to open I2C bus 1
'Failed to open I2C port - Failed to read fifo count'

So basically my question is are there any settings I can maybe use to successfully connect to the IMU?  I don't want to just experiment through fear of doig some damage  :'(   I have attached the RTIMULib.ini file so you can see which settings can be changed. 

Many Thanks,



I have recently purchased a TinyDuino 9 Axis IMU.  I have managed to get the basic reading by downloading the RTIMULIB Libraries which displays the Gyro, Accelerometer, Magnetometer & Fusion data.  I would like to display the accelerometer data minus the gravity element.  Is there a value within the libraries which I can use for this purpose or a formula I can use myself to get this information? 

Many Thanks,


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