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Arg.  :(

When I opened the package on my new TinyScreen+ and carefully plugged it in to a battery, the default Flappy Birds game started running. I noticed that the screen kept flickering from full brightness down to half brightness and back a couple of times, then stayed at half brightness. I thought maybe this was some feature of the game.

Then I noticed the hot part (described below), and posted that question.

Then I loaded the Example sketch, and it did the same screen brightness flickering thing. Then about 30 seconds later, it went to half brightness and stayed. It sounds to me like I've got a dud OLED supply. Before I return this, am I doing something obviously wrong?

After some scientific research (I used a smaller fingertip), it's the FAN5340 that's (instantly) getting hot enough to be uncomfortable. Is that normal?


While holding my new TinyScreen+, I got a TinyBurn on my thumb. I've tracked it down to a component near the one marked D475 near the top right of the parts- (i.e., non-display-) side of the board if you hold it with the USB connector at the bottom. I think this is C8, the filter for the FAN5340 9-pin WLSCP package at the very top right, but I've never seen an electrolytic get hot, so I'm guessing it's one of the nearby resistors?

Has anyone else ever noticed a part in that area getting hot enough to make me want to TinyLetgo? [Last one; I promise ;]



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