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User Projects / Code Examples / Powering the TinyDuino
« on: March 12, 2014, 11:52:33 AM »
I am still relatively new to the world of electronics in regards to voltage, amperage, etc. I have been using the arduino for about a year now, and was looking for something a little more unique, and this was the perfect thing. I bought the starter kit, and the LE bluetooth shield and decided that I was going to make a little quadrotor.

I obviously will not be able to power 4 pager motors at 3v and 18 mAh each with a single watch battery. I have been looking at different micro LiPo batteries and trying to figure out what I need.


1. How kind of battery would I need to power these motors (Does it need to output 54mAh and 12v?)
2. where can I obtain said battery.
3. How would I recharge said  battery.
4. Could I power the tiny duino and Bluetooth LE module with it?

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