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TinyDuino Processors & TinyShields / Re: Proto Board pins
« on: July 01, 2013, 05:25:02 PM »
I knew it was something "dumb".

So why the disparity? What's the point of labeling the pins, if they don't actually align to the programming?

But this should be enough to get me going. Thanks for the response.
I did tons of reading and evaluating sketches, but something just wasn't quite lining up. Now it makes sense.

TinyDuino Processors & TinyShields / Re: Proto Board pins
« on: June 29, 2013, 07:37:59 PM »
I have to say this is partly why I have been so confused by arduino as things just don't make sense, hardware wise.
For example, I load the blink sketch, which turns pin 13 high and low on a delay. The software makes perfect sense.

So I look at pin 13 on your schematic which shows that pin 13 is IO9. However when testing the Proto 1 pin for I09 I get no voltage. But, when I load the sketch, the on board green LED lights (as I'm told it should), however the schematic says that's pin 17, SCK which according to the sketch shouldn't be doing anything. When I test the proto 1 board SCK pin, I do get voltage, ~4.75v on the pin when the light blinks.

If I edit the blink sketch to, say,  pin 10, which based on the arduino schematic points to IO6, I also do not see any voltage on that proto 1 board pin for I06..
I'm just trying to connect an external LED to the proto, so far no luck.
What am I missing here?

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