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Thumby / Re: Pico Pac - Tiny Pac Man - Finished!
« on: November 17, 2021, 05:23:06 AM »
Impressive! I like the full-size Pac-Man on the initial screen. While I also have Pac-Man on my list of games that I think would work well as demakes, its need for several functions I'm not yet sure how to implement convinced me to focus on my simpler ideas first: tracking which pellets to disable (my guess would be a dictionary of all pellet locations, though I wouldn't know how to set that up), ghost AI (having each ghost to go to their designated corners and which pixel each should use as a means of tracking Pac-Man), and how to scroll between bitmaps, among other factors.

I've actually written a Pacman on one of the few systems with a lower resolution than a Thumby, the Studio II (64x32) and did it like this - the horrible sound is because that's the only sound this machine can make.

I would suggest a similar approach, widening your sprites to make the graphics larger. Because all the sprites (except the collectable) are in permanent movement, they don't blend into the walls.

I would recommend an array and a counter for tracking your power pills, and maybe a dictionary for the power pills. As regards the display, Pacman is easier to program if you forget the final look, almost, and thing of it not as a maze but a grid of rails, so from any point on the grid there is a rail from one power point to the next, and once on it, you can only stay on that rail till the next point.

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