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It looks like this is at least nearly a solved problem.  Could you post more specifics of what was done and what is and isn't working?  I would like to use tinyscreen+ and tinyzero with PlatformIO.


This was a year ago. Things may have changed since then.

Have you tried using a TinyScreen+ or TinyZero with PlatformIO? What errors are you getting?

Thumby / Re: Can't connect thumby to editor on Linux
« on: June 10, 2022, 12:44:34 PM »
Try adding your user to the dialout group:
Code: [Select]
sudo adduser $USER dialout
You may need to log out and back in or reboot afterwards

Thumby / Re: Thumby Code Editor Issues
« on: April 28, 2022, 04:13:57 PM »
I feel more and more that's it's an emulator issue, I keep listing my files every execution. Sometime a file is missing and just with code changes it reappears.

On the emulator page, there is a list of files, are all those file supposed to be accessible, because it seems to fit all my files that are set to emulate (the white checkmark). But not all of them are available when the emulator is started?

Anyone has any pointer for this issue? I'm thinking of migrating all my data to a python .py file so I don't have to fight this issue, but it just doesn't feel right

I agree that it sounds like an emulator issue.

I may have time to look at it soon.

Thumby / Re: Error while trying to send data through link cable
« on: April 26, 2022, 05:31:46 PM »
Correct. You can see where that prints here:

The max packet size can only be 512 bytes when using the built in link API

Thumby / Re: Thumby Code Editor Issues
« on: April 25, 2022, 10:12:15 AM »
These are issues that we are working on addressing. In the meantime,

  • Use Utilities -> Widgets -> + Editor (this should be a simple + icon in the future)
  • Make sure to check the white emulation box on the sprite data file and that it's path is where you expect (hover over the file tab)
  • Bitmap Builder and the sprite importer will likely be combined at some point
  • You can write to a file in the emulator but it will not be there the next time it starts. You can print to the shell from hardware or the emulator using print() (a standard Python function)

Thumby comes preloaded with 5 games that you can access through the main menu by pressing the down DPAD direction.

You can program games using our web code editor: or download other people's creations: (these will also be accessible through the main menu after turning Thumby off and on)

If you want to learn more about programming or using the code editor, try our documentation site:

Thumby / Re: Unable to connect my Thumby to the computer
« on: April 08, 2022, 03:50:57 PM »
(Edit.) Oh yeah, I have no idea if it's relevant or not, but when I was playing for the first time I think the Thumb froze once? I had played Space Debris for maybe ten minutes or something when the game just stopped responding, only staying on the last unmoving screen I saw before the freeze. After I turned the whole thing off and on again it seemed to work normally.

Probably not relevant.

You can try the following
  • Try a different USB cable (even though it was the one sent, maybe it was defective)
  • Try seeing if the device is recognized in BOOTSEL mode. Do the following to get to BOOTSEL mode: plug Thumby into a computer, turn Thumby off, hold the DPAD down direction, turn Thumby on. A file explorer should pop up or a drive called "RPI-RP2" should auto mount. This should tell us that something is wrong with the Thumby firmware and needs to be reformatted
  • Reformat the Thumby firmware by dragging and dropping this file into the RPI-RP2 volume:

Thumby / Re: Unable to connect my Thumby to the computer
« on: April 08, 2022, 02:02:59 PM »
I assume the screen is on too and you can scroll through the main game menu on the Thumby, correct?

When you have the device manager open and turn the Thumby on/off does the device manager refresh?

Thumby / Re: "Portrait" rotation games?
« on: March 11, 2022, 10:10:25 AM »
It would be accepted. In fact, the arcade supports rotated videos/images.

Thumby / Re: Importing a sprite in the web IDE
« on: March 07, 2022, 02:13:38 PM »
Thanks for the report!

Should be fixed as of code editor version 03.07.2022_1

Wirelings / Re: Audio Amplifier Wireling
« on: February 11, 2022, 12:03:22 PM »
Sooo, should I buy TinyZero to make this shield work?

If you are using TinyDuino, for sure follow the tutorial and choose
  • Board: Arduino Pro or Pro Mini
  • Processor: ATMega328P (3.3V, 8MHz)

The other error about the interrupt library is because the example was made for the TinyZero's SAMD processor, not the TinyDuino AVR. That's not the only problem, the TinyDuino does not have a DAC output, this means each sample would have to be played at the same volume.

In any case, the TinyDuino only has 32KB of flash which won't store much useful audio (average .mp3 size is 1MB per minute of audio).  You could use the audio shield + SD card shield. This is probably the best route since I don't think we have any examples of using the TinyZero + Wireling amplifier + SD card shield anyway.

Although the TinyZero has slightly better specs than the TinyDuino, the example linked earlier only allows for playing a couple seconds of audio since there's no SD card/external storage.

I'm pretty sure you could at least generate sounds with the hardware you have, but you'd have to do some trickery with PWM.

As the error implies, it is likely that something else is accessing the device and taking over the port before the IDE can.

Make sure only one IDE page is open in one browser. Also try restarting your computer.

Thumby / Re: Stock Firmware Please
« on: January 14, 2022, 05:16:45 PM »
We could make the full UF2 public at some point.

For now, in the IDE go to UTILITES->DOWNLOAD FIRMWARE and hover over the button for instructions on getting MicroPython back on the device. After you install the MicroPython UF2 to Thumby, connect to the IDE using the connect button and then click the format button in the filesystem panel.

This will put Thumby into the default state it shipped to you with - although some files may have been updated or added since then.

Thumby / Re: Loading games
« on: January 06, 2022, 05:33:39 PM »
We actually just removed those games today because they were built on an older version of the Thumby library.

We are trying to get in contact with the authors to see if they will provide updates.

In the meantime, you can join our Discord and see what other people are making.

Thumby / Re: Thumby Serial Connection
« on: January 05, 2022, 10:55:44 AM »
I don't know if this is the right thread to post this on now that my initial issue was resolved, but after messing around a little I wanted to clear some test files I had on it and hit the format button on the web IDE. Now it doesn't seem to work. It still connects fine to the website when turned on, but it doesn't function otherwise, it just displays a blank screen. I think there may be some differences with the new formatted files compared to what was originally there. I can't remember exactly what was missing, but it seems to be a few files short of what I saw it came in the box with. But again if I'm missing something or if I messed something up, then please let me know.

We are in an in-between state of Thumby APIs. The new files are accessible through Try using the format button there.

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