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Thanks, that makes sense and I got it working. For any newbie like me following, I downloaded the code in the first link and unzipped. Maybe this is not the best option, because I got compile errors because header files couldn't be found. This was fixed by copying the TinierScreen and FastLED folders from the unzip location to the Arduino library folder (on MacOS it Documents/Arduino/libraries).

General Discussion / Issue with Wireling Kickstarter Basic Kit Tutorial
« on: January 20, 2020, 06:29:16 AM »
The video on the Wireling Kickstarter Basic Kit Tutorial page shows the button being pressed and the OLED going High -> Low -> High, and the lux continues to change after the button is pressed.

When I try the same thing, the OLED goes High -> Low and then stays there, and the lux then no longer changes. I have to turn it off and on to get it working again. Is this expected, or a newer version of the code, or do I have a fault somewhere?

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