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TinyDuino / Re: Tinyscreen video game kit dead
« on: February 14, 2018, 02:54:09 AM »
I seem to have the same problem. I've charged up the game kit. The orange light turns on while charges and dissappeared over night. But when I turn it on, nothring happens.

I've tried debugging by only plugging in the TinuDuino and the screen. Still absolutely no sign of life when turning on (Screen is entirely black)

When I plug the module into my PC, leds start flashing green and it's detected correctly.
The CodeBender App seems happy in Chrome and I get a COM4 port on my PC.
However, when I try to upload a sketch using the "TINYDUINO VIDEO GAMES TUTORIAL", I get the error message "Could not connect to your device. Make sure that you have connected it properly, that you have selected the correct settings (device type and port) and try again. More Info". The more info link leads to a missing page.
I selected TinyDuino and COM4 in the plugin.
I've also tried removing all the shields except for the USB one while uploading. No luck

By the way; you should include the screw an spacer kit with the video game kit.

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