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Title: Grayscale library v2.0.0 released!
Post by: Timendus on August 05, 2022, 08:33:36 AM
Hey there Thumby fans!

If you missed it on Discord: We have a little announcement!

The second version of the grayscale library has just been released, and it is a huge improvement over the first. Thanks to Doogle's efforts to better understand the display controller chip and with help from Hemlockmay, we now have an impressively stable grayscale image, with very minimal to no flicker! 🎉


Having this stable an image, done only in software, is probably a first for the SSD1306 display controller in any developer community that uses it. The guys in the Arduboy community have been trying to achieve this for years 😄

If you want to give this a spin, load the attached program to your Thumby as /Games/GrayDemo/GrayDemo.py and run it to see for yourself! 😍 Or try out Doogle's outstanding Journey3Dg demo.

We think it is now ready for use in your awesome projects and incredible pixel art. Feedback is always appreciated!

More information about getting started is here:


It requires MicroPython v1.19.1. We had a working version for v1.18 too, but decided to scrap that because it needlessly complicated the codebase. So if you desperately want to support v1.18 too, check out the different versions and discussion in the Discord thread "4 Shades of Grey".
Title: Re: Grayscale library v2.0.0 released!
Post by: lennevia on August 05, 2022, 01:23:52 PM
Great work to you, Doogle and Hemlockmay!!! ABSOLUTE BRAIN TITANS