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Title: TSV File Size
Post by: ShoshB on January 05, 2022, 02:52:25 AM
Hi there,

When I use the TVS converter I noticed that the file sizes increase significantly. I have a 21 minute episode of Parks and Rec that's 174MB and when I convert it with TSV converter, it becomes 517MB. I tried to convert the file to lower resolution with Handbrake first and got it down to 30.7MB, but the output TSV file was still 517MB. Is there a way to shrink the files so I can fit more on the SD card? Why would the file size for the TinyTV need to be so much bigger than the full resolution episode? Can the TinyTV play any file type other than TSV?

Thanks for your help! I'm so excited to get my TinyTV set up!
Title: Re: TSV File Size
Post by: lennevia on January 05, 2022, 07:46:58 PM

The files are converted using FFmpeg and are not compressed or made smaller, they are resized. The .tsv file contains the same number of frames and audio data as the original and is not smaller or compressed because the microcontroller used in the TinyTV is not powerful enough to be able to decompress these large video files.

The TV can only play .tsv files with the way the software is written.

The 8GB card included in the TV kit is large enough to fit 3-5 full movies (depending on the actual length of the movies), but if you would like more video time than that, you can absolutely get a larger micro SD Card to fit as many videos as you'd like. Keep in mind, the battery in the TV will only play around up to 5 hours of video on a full charge (less time with brighter videos, potentially more time with darker videos).

If you want to use a larger SD Card, just be sure to reformat it to FAT32 before adding .tsv files so that it's readable by the TV program.

I hope that helps! Would love to see how you customize/paint your TV!  ;D