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Title: NanoMem v1.5 and Question Regarding NanoBird Animation
Post by: CoolieCoolster on October 29, 2021, 12:51:31 AM
After analyzing other Thumby programs, I improved NanoMem for a v1.4 release that reduces the space used by functions and bitmap data, offsetting my addition of the "pickle" function that I intend to use for serializing save data, once I figure out how it works. As implementing such functionality will take up more storage space, hopefully I can offset it with additional function and bitmap usage efficiency improvements, considering how simple the game is.

Secondly, I've also included a non-gameplay version of my current project, NanoBird, intended to be a Flappy Bird demake. While I'm still working on actually making it functional, nearly all graphics intended for the final release are included (in two palettes for the day/night modes of Flappy Bird, but after everything is implemented I'll test a palette swap function to see whether or not it impacts performance). The question I have regarding it is how Flappy Bird should be animated both before and after gameplay begins (with the former being on the title screen and before the player presses a button on the gameplay screen). On the title screen I intend to have an animated version of the original Flappy Bird sprite, too large for gameplay purposes, moving from the left side of the screen to the right side, followed by the smaller "gameplay" Flappy Bird. I currently have this animation partially implemented, albeit in a manner that is probably inefficient. What I'm having trouble with is synchronizing the animation of Flappy Bird's wing with that of Flappy Bird itself, as it switches between its three frames 25% faster (0.5 vs 0.67 seconds), something I want to try to implement. If anyone who looks at the code might know how to make it work, it would be much appreciated!

Edit: For NanoMem v1.5, I fixed a regression in regards to the detection of button inputs for exiting the high score screen and implemented the saving of high scores to variables once a match ends. The last step will be to have the variables saved to a text file whenever they are modified, and load them from the text file whenever the main menu loop starts.

Edit 2: As requested in the comments, for v0.02 I updated NanoBird to animate the currently-selected button on the menu. I also tried making the wing animation slightly less broken, but the entire function probably just needs to be cleaned up and simplified... To keep the two sets of NanoMem/NanoBird versions available for reference, future updated versions will either be posted in the comments or as a new thread.
Title: Re: NanoMem v1.4 and Question Regarding NanoBird Animation
Post by: TARMA on October 29, 2021, 05:09:12 AM
Hello, CoolieCoolster! I'm happy to see Your new project! First of all, I must say that You really nailed the design part! I love how although the resolution is so small everything is still easily recognizable and very nice! Fonts, sprites, background - everything! Unfortunately, I'm not a programmer and I can't help You with Your animation implementation challenge. But I do have a small suggestion regarding main menu navigation: It would be nice if selected menu option would blink because when I first started the game it took me a minute to realize what option is currently selected. Also, I suggest changing some menu icons to something more obvious like a gear for settings or a star\trophy cup for high score. 

Thank You very much for Your effort, can't wait to play NanoBird!
Title: Re: NanoMem v1.4 and Question Regarding NanoBird Animation
Post by: CoolieCoolster on October 29, 2021, 02:08:30 PM
Thanks for the feedback! In terms of the menu icons, I did the three-stage podium to sort of mimic the icon from Flappy Bird, and while I initially thought of making a gear icon for settings, I couldn't come up with one that looked recognizable and still fit in the space needed for it to not blend with the button outline. In regards to which icon is selected, I'll see if I can make it clearer. Took me some time to initially implement it as there wasn't another Thumby program to base menu navigation via buttons off of at the time, plus the fact that I wanted to take advantage that two sets of icons are stored to not have to have additional graphic space taken up by dedicated button selection graphics.