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Title: TinyScreen compiler erroring out (Soil-Moisture-Monitoring)
Post by: javierber on September 19, 2021, 09:28:06 PM

I'm working on my first project: Soil Moisture Animation https://tinycircuits.hackster.io/kburns/moisture-sensor-wireling-animation-147dbc

I can't compile and upload any code cause Arduino 1.8.16 is not configured to support TinyScreen.  The only board available is TinyScreen+.  I don't have that one. I have the other board.

Here's the error:
Set binary mode

No device found on COM2

Send auto-baud

Set binary mode

An error occurred while uploading the sketch

Arduino: 1.8.16 (Windows 10), Board:TinyScreen+, Default

I've seen another forum indicate to use "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini."

But I get the following error:
arduino_build_400532\libraries\Soil-Moisture-Monitoring_example\TinyAnimation.cpp.o (symbol from plugin): In function `PercentBarHorizontal::tick(float)':
(.text+0x0): multiple definition of `FallDownSprite::tick()'
\arduino_build_400532\sketch\TinyAnimation.cpp.o (symbol from plugin): (.text+0x0): first defined here
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Pro or Pro Mini.

Any and all help would truly be appreciated. Thank you!
Title: Re: TinyScreen compiler erroring out (Soil-Moisture-Monitoring)
Post by: Jason on September 20, 2021, 01:40:29 PM

Can I get a list of the hardware you are using?

So far I can gather/guess that you have

What processor board are using? You mention "Arduino Pro or Pro Mini" which I assume means you are using the TinyDuino. If that is the case, this will take more investigation.

Anyway, make sure to follow your processor board's tutorial: https://learn.tinycircuits.com/Processors/TinyDuino_Setup_Tutorial/ (use the left panel to find your processor board) so that all relevant libraries and board files get installed.

If you want, follow the tutorial here https://tinycircuits.com/blogs/learn/soil-moisture-sensor-animation (should be a copy from the link you provided) using this example https://github.com/TinyCircuits/TinyCircuits-Main-Site/raw/master/Soil-Moisture-Monitor/program/Soil-Moisture-Monitoring_example.zip project.

Let me know what processor board you have,