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Title: 433MHz Radio TinyShield Tutorial would be nice for more examples eg one codes
Post by: mutantx on July 15, 2020, 07:47:35 PM
It would be nice if we had a example of   a RF code lerner , so that it could receive RF code  (learn them ) then repeat them back via transmitting .
Lots of people  have RF remotes and that function would be useful  ( to me ) and I would think quite few other people .
Interesting but I was really keen on doing the same is this project

here >>>    https://randomnerdtutorials.com/decode-and-send-433-mhz-rf-signals-with-arduino/

I am working on a jester sensor that would trigger a radio signal . The board ( transmitter is quite small)
( Micronised jewelry in fact )
But I would rather use a shield , If there was a example on how this could be replicated with this shield I think a lot more people (including me ) would be interested ,we all have remotes .so capturing the signal then microniseing the transmitter quite use full .

Just saying