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Title: Return to menu
Post by: FZERO on July 02, 2016, 04:32:17 PM
Just got my Tiny Arcade unpacked today - Real small and real nice  ;)
At first it was skipping through all the games and not accepting any inputs, then wouldn't turn off...
...i had the pre-built model though, and seems to have just become a bit loose during transit I guess.
I opened it, rebuilt with the screen firmly attached to board and the power slide switch seemed to fit itself nicely again.
Now is all good and works as it should :)

But, one thing which seems missing, is the option to return to the main game list menu.

There is no shortcut for that is there? You have to power off/on again, right?

Any chance of this being addressed in a software update in future, or perhaps already on the wishlist?
Something like holding both buttons in for 3 seconds to return to the game list menu, would be a welcome feature for me

Aside from that, so far so good, look forward to trying out the other games on it
Title: Re: Return to menu
Post by: chiark on July 04, 2016, 06:25:11 AM
Turn it off and on :) .   A simple quit that would have to be written into the game would be to reset the tinyduino, but I can't see an easy way to have the loader do this - I think IRQs would be trashed when the menu jumps to the reset code of the game it loads, but I'm not sure...

On and off is easy ;-)
Title: Re: Return to menu
Post by: FZERO on July 07, 2016, 11:05:41 AM
Thanks, probably right, thinking about it I'm sure this would've been something considered early on, and likely it wasn't an easy thing to implement so stuck with the turn it off/on again method.
It is easy yeah, I was being super lazy, not like it takes time to boot up even or anything